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The beta build of a game made during a weekend before GGJ. In this 2-player game you control an unlucky private through a minefield your friend has laid mines into. The other player tries to blow the other player up by detonating mines when the other player gets close to them. The unlucky private can perform emergency dodges to get out of the harm's way.

How to play: the goal of the game is to get the unlucky private to the other side of the screen unharmed. At first, the first player turns away from the screen while the second player lays the mines on the minefield. When ready, pressing the red button gives the first player control over the unlucky private, and the second player can detonate the mines with a left click. With every click the mine closest to the unlucky private will explode.

Install instructions

Unzip Vemppatesti_beta_win.zip and run .exe file.


Vemppatesti_beta_win.zip 44 MB

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